Monday, September 6, 2010

Group portrait/self-indulgence (man, I have a bunch of ships)

Just for fun, I got out all my painted Galactic Knights starships* and put them on the table together.  (I also have a ton of fighters painted and based, but they're not pictured.)  I have ships from each of the five powers, but as you can see, I have enough Terrans for two paint schemes.
Unfortunately, I still have plenty of ships to paint, including a few more Entomolians, some Avarians (I could probably do the remaining birds in a different color, but I'm not sure what hues to paint them), and a bunch more Terrans (and lots and lots of fighters).  This pile of unpainted metal includes several Super Galactic Dreadnoughts and some miniatures from other manufacturers as well.

I need to get out the brush and start painting again!

* Bonus points if you can spot the non-GK ships in this photo.

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