Sunday, October 3, 2010

More War Rocket

After the Hordes of the Things game ended Tuesday night, Brian broke out the retro sci-fi space combat game War Rocket.  I had brought my space hex mat, as well as the planet I'm working on; and Brian, Brooks, John, and I played a four-way game.

(A quick note on the planet: I should have kept looking for a white styrofoam hemisphere, as the green foam piece I bought seemed to crumble easily whenever it got touched and leave dust everywhere, including on the felt mat.)

Some rocks from the landscaping in the parking lot made a quick asteroid field (which provides cover for any ships inside it), while the planet served to block line of sight. 

War Rocket ships come in four sizes (from smallest to largest: Class I through Class IV).  Since Brian hasn't obtained any of the Class III or Class IV vessels, we used one of my Terran cruisers from Galactic Knights as a proxy for an Imperial Class III.
 I took a squadron of Valkeeri, the female warriors of this setting: two Class IIs and four Class Is (pictured at left).  Brian once again piloted the saucer ships of the Zenithians, while John played the Imperials and Brooks took the Galacteers.  We used another GK ship (an Avarian cruiser) to serve as an alien derelict, the objective of the scenario.  I was the first to get my ships next to the deserted craft, which earned me points but made me a target.

At the end of the game, I had taken out a couple of the other players' ships, but the Galacteers (which are really, really fast) ended up disabling all my spacecraft.  Fun game, and it was nice to use some of my space gaming accessories.

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