Saturday, October 9, 2010

Work in progress: Transports

My scenario for Millennium Con calls for transport ships as well as combat vessels.  Although I already have some cargo carriers I plan to use, I needed a few more.  The ships you see above will join my transport fleet.

The ships in this picture are Stardate: 3000 miniatures from Valiant Enterprises that I acquired secondhand sometime back.  I'm not too sure exactly which craft these models are--when stripping the previous paint job, a lot (but not all) of the pieces came apart.  I tried to put them back together according to the instructions, but there are some spare and/or missing parts, so I also went by how good things looked.  I know these are all Federation ships, and I think they are (or were) a cruiser, heavy cruiser, and escort cruiser.  Their design (and future paint job) means they will fit in well with my other cargo transports.

Interesting trivia:  The designer of these minis used HO scale train parts for some of the starship components--for example, the circular part (what I call the command section) is from the boiler front of a steam locomotive.

UPDATE:  Virtualscratchbuilder was kind enough to identify these ships in this thread over at The Miniatures Page.  Quoth he: "What you have there is a Perseus-class light cruiser (upper), Orion-class heavy cruiser (middle) and a kitbash using two Draco-class destroyers and an Auriga-class fleet support ship."  Thanks, VSB!

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