Sunday, October 24, 2010

October HotT Tournament

We had a light turnout for our quarterly Hordes of the Things tournament this week, just five players counting yours truly.  We met up at Dragon's Lair-San Antonio on Saturday for a 24 AP tournament.

Johnny, who has enough Romans to conquer Gaul, decided to play with an all-mounted force.  He took on Brian's Mouse Guard army:

Chip brought his toolbox full of miniatures--unfortunately, they were his 15mm armies, and we were playing 28mm.  Luckily, after a night of gluing in the wake of the Gread Lead Avalanche of 2010, I had reassembled all my armies and brought them to the store in case anyone needed a loaner army.  Chip borrowed my fire giants army and played his first game against me and my skeletons:

Although I have trouble winning with the fire giants, Chip proved the fault was with the commander and not the troops.  He cheated by using smart deployment and superior tactics, and quickly brought his beasts and a behemoth around my flank.  The main force of my army was unable to reach them in time, and my Magician couldn't frighten off the behemoth.  After an unsuccessful attempt with the beasts, Chip used the behemoth to take my stronghold:

For my next game, I faced off against Mark's Empire troops.  This was the first game I played in which my magician had another magician opposing him.  The Empire spell caster didn't even try to ensorcell my necromancer, however.  There was no need--I kept trying and failing to zap his hero general, and eventually rolled a second '1,' frogging myself and losing the game.

Meanwhile, on the other board, Brian's mice took on the fire giants, eventually bringing them down:

I just like the size difference between the fire giant behemoths and the Mouse Guard blades in this photo.  Although the behemoth is facing to the mice's right, it's because the two fire giants are too big to sit side-by-side facing the same direction, and it's considered facing forward:

Next game, I battled Johnny's Romans, which consisted of a lot of riders, a few knights, one stand of beasts, and a hero general.  I wore him down and won on points:

Meanwhile, on the other board, Brian took on Mark.  I can't remember who won this game:

My final game was against Brian's Mouse Guard.  We battled back and forth till time ran out, so it was a draw.  However, Brian destroyed more of my elements than I did of his.  Below, you can see my lurker spring up in an unsuccessful attack on his sneaker:

Chip took on Johnny in their final game.  Johnny said afterward he's going back to his traditional Roman force, which is mainly foot units.

Brian ended up winning the tournament.  I came in pretty far down--if Mark hadn't missed two games because he sat out the first round and had to leave early, he would have beat me on points.  It was a long day, but I got in a lot of gaming, so it counts as a win in my book.

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