Saturday, October 2, 2010

HotT night recap

Last Tuesday, the San Antonio chapter of Lone Star Historical Miniatures met up at Dragon's Lair for its weekly gaming get-together.  Once again, I was too late to join in the game, but I took pictures of an exciting 3-on-3 Hordes of the Things matchup:  Grant with his JLA army and Chip and John with John's AT-43 Therians vs. Brian's Mouse Guard, Mark's Empire, and Ralph's Amazons.  Again, sorry about the quality of the photos, but I forgot my camera and had to use my phone to take pictures.

The game was in full swing when I got there, with the JLA, led by the Flash (Hero general) and Superman and Supergirl (Aerial Hero) moving quickly into combat.  The table quickly turned against the superheroes, however--an Empire magician ensorcelled Supes (who, after all, is vulnerable to magic), and the Flash fell in combat.  With their general gone and a poor PIPs roll by Grant the next bound, the army was in disarray and started fleeing the field.

By this time, however, the Therians had closed on the Empire and Amazons, who couldn't muster the six PIPs to get their dragon into the battle.  The tide began to turn as the aliens joined the combat.  The medieval troops and the women began to fall to the Therians, while on the other side of the board, nearly all the Justice League had fled the table.

However, as happens in HotT, the tide turned once more:  Grant rolled a six for PIPs, meaning Superman emerged from his magical prison right at the enemy stronghold (which the Empire had borrowed from a certain Doctor).  By expending the six PIPs on desorcelling his hero, Grant had no PIPs to keep any more of the JLA elements on the board.  That was all he needed, however, as the Aerial Hero, aided by a Therian (Knight) captured the stronghold and won the game for the JLA and their alien allies.  This was an exciting match, and it shows how a player's fortunes can wax and wane during the course of a single game of HotT.

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