Monday, October 4, 2010

Checking in with the 523rd

I didn't think I would be doing another War Rocket post so soon, but I stumbled across a blog I just had to share.  (Don't worry, Galactic Knights; I'll return to you soon, I promise!)

Sagan's Sideshow: 523rd Survey Squadron provides fan fiction, photos, backstory, and a table of organization for the Galacteers (one of the four factions in the WR rulebook).  There's also a post of various paint schemes for Galacteer squadrons with just-as-colorful names like the Killer Bees, Fire Hunters, and Happy Gals.  This blog looks like it will be a great source for War Rocket fans.

The blog's author, Evilcartoonist, also has another miniatures-focused blog, Carmen's Fun Painty Time!  Give them both a look; you'll probably find something you like.

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