Monday, April 4, 2011

New moon

What started as a styrofoam hemisphere became a new piece of terrain (pictured above) for my Galactic Knights scenario at ChimaearaCon.  So instead of talking about the game, I'm going to procrastinate and post a step-by-step tutorial for painting a natural satellite for my planet.  First, I primed it gray.
Next, I gave it a black wash to bring out the shadows in the indentations to simulate craters.
It was a little too dark after that, so I drybrushed it various shades of gray.
Then it was too light, so I gave it another wash, this time dark gray, followed by light gray drybrushing.
As seen at the top of the page, the new moon looks pretty good on the table, although it didn't play much of a role once the scenario began.  I'm out of time now, but I'll blog more about the actual game later, I promise.


Porky said...

Those corrections for colour look to have paid off - the extra steps give a lot of depth and a very naturalistic variation. Hands-on wordbuilding, and a clever post title too..!

Don M said...

Very nice!