Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another OGRE sighting

I just wanted to point my fellow treadheads to Command Post T.  It's a brand new blog (or an old blog with a new focus) by Toltrin (posting to the blog as HarmlessHamster), a long-time poster to the Steve Jackson Games OGRE/GEV forum.  He started putting up content this month, and there's already a wealth of information for fans of OGRE.   Go check it out, and give the guy some followers!

Speaking of OGRE, here's a shot of the three-dimensional Mk V counter for the upcoming sixth edition of the boardgame. 


The Happy Whisk said...

I like whatever you used for the background of this photo.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks! It was just white tissue paper.

Don M said...

I know you are going to think this is sick but, I own two 15mm scale OGRE MKIIs!

Desert Scribe said...

Very impressive, Don! Were you using OGRE rules or some other game system? I ask because I noticed the VTOLs on flight stands.

As your photos show, giant-tank games in 15mm scale take up a lot of real estate. I was thinking, you could also do a tabletop 15mm skirmish game with the OGRE as the centerpiec/objective/line-of-sight blocker for the scenario.

Don M said...

The rules were DirtsideII just changed the ranges and movement....worked a treat!

As for your idea...I did something
like that back in 1979 using the
old Starguard rules (yeah I'm an old geek too) The OGRE was the entire table! The story was the planet was
cut off from the rest of space by
a super nova between that planet
and the rest of the empire effectively cutting them off for
the last 80 years. Two factions are fighting for control of the planet with very run down equipment. Then both sides learn of a deactivated OGRE half buried
in this valley.

Both sides have a squad in light
armor and jump packs and four technicians, the first technician
inside the beat wins!

It was a great game as I recall,
ended up playing it a dozen times.

HarmlessHamster said...

Thank you SO much or mentioning my little corner of the interwebs! Yes, I have been a long standing supporter (and excessive poster) on the wonderful Steve Jackson OGRE/GEV forums. If you dig deep enough in my blog, you will find a story of an OGRE killer named "Yeats". I wrote it and some people told me it's a cool story.
Anyways, I am so sorry it took me 3 days to follow your blog.
When I was young, I used to make counters for starships of my own design and even created a shield/hull defensive system as well as missile/gun offensive system. Point is - I used to make counters BY HAND for individual
ships, so when one was 'lost' in battle we would burn the counter it too me 1/2 to make. Made space battles a little more exciting!
Again, thank you for mentioning me, Desert Scribe.


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