Monday, April 25, 2011

Scenario: The Siege of Regulus IV (rules)

The space game was intended for two teams each with a pair of players (see the order of battle here), but because we didn't turn in our writeup in time to get it into the convention program, we were one gamer short for the orbital portion.  Luckily, the single defending player and one of the attackers had played in last fall's game, so they were fairly familiar with the rules.  Once they were ready, I gave everyone the following scenario handout (I only have information on the space battle; for details of the surface combat, check with da Baron):

Surface and Space: The Siege of Regulus IV

After its initial invasion failed, the Terran Transsolar Federation decided to take by stealth what it couldn´t take by strength. On the surface of Regulus IV, a small unit of Terran infiltrators captures the Nova Liberian spaceport for Terran reinforcements to land. Meanwhile, in space, the Nova Liberian revolutionary star guard must hold off the invaders´ transports to prevent more troops from flooding into the capital.


The attackers’ goal is to escort troop ships into orbit so they can land personnel to capture the city and its spaceport (indicated by the red marker on the planet).  The defenders’ goal is to keep the transports from landing.  The longer the defender can hold out in space, the greater the chance of defeating the attackers on the surface.


Prior to play, the attackers write down which side or sides of the board they will enter from and type of formation (line, column, wedge, etc.).  The referee will move the attackers’ transports.
Once the defenders set up their forces, the attackers place their ships according to their written orders.  Defenders have initiative the first turn, after that determine normally.

  • The planet, moon and asteroid block movement and line of sight.  Ships may orbit the planet or moon if they have enough maneuverability available.  The referee will show you how this works.  A transport must orbit for one turn before landing.
  • Transports that reach the planet’s surface can land troops that will affect the surface battle.  Transports cannot land if defenders’ sensors on the ground are operational.
  • A ship in orbit with Heavy Particle Beam Batteries (see rules summary) may perform orbital bombardment during the turn it drifts over the objective.  However, ships may not commence orbital bombardment if defenders’ shields on the ground are operational.
  • Fighters may enter the atmosphere for a strafing run after spending at least one turn in orbit that passes over the objective, regardless of defenders’ sensors or shields.
  • The defender may have planetary defenses available.  If so, they may be used during the firing phase at any target within range and in line-of-sight of the objective.

The attackers win by landing enough troops to capture the city.  The defenders win by preventing the attackers from capturing the city.


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