Monday, April 18, 2011

Opponent's armies: Empire and more

The Grand County of Stirland army includes a Mage Knight dragon.
 So one of the events I participated in at Chimaera Con was the Hordes of the Things Texas Championship.  I brought my own army, the Nightmare Legion, and most competitors had their own figures as well.  However, if they didn't, Blake, the tournament organizer had ten--TEN!--spare 25mm/28mm scale armies on hand.  

The City-State of Nuln has a steam tank behemoth, and snipers (behind the tree) act as lurkers.
I asked Blake how many armies he had, and he didn't even know for sure.  He began some years ago converting his old Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire minis to HotT, and he's far from finished.  I think he has enough unfinished bases for pretty much every political subdivision on the Empire map, and I saw enough completed elements to fight a sizable civil war using just Empire armies.

The City-State of Middenheim army has two artillery elements.
The griffon rider area hero makes the Grand Barony of Nordland a tough army to face.
He brought armies from five Empire provinces, each with a variety of units.  The most notable to me is the Nordland army with its griffin rider, a Mage Knight prepaint.
I'd never heard of the Grand Duchy of Maroon, but as an Aggie I like the color scheme.
There were also some non-Empire armies, including a force of spider-riding goblins and a behemoth-having chaos army.  Blake also had some semi-historical Picts, as well as good-guy and bad-guy Greek myth troops.
The Spider Riders include two spider-mounted heroes, a flyer, and five stands of riders.
They were some fun armies to look at, and the use of collectible prepaints and craft-store figures gave me some inspiration as well.
The Chaos army includes a lot of GW figures, but the minotaur behemoth came from Michael's.
The Picts have a magician element with them, along with their ogre behemoth.
Good and evil Greek mythology armies--heroes on one side, cyclops on the other, lots of historical figs.


jmezz382 said...

Nice looking stuff ! ... Never played Hordes, how is that system ?

Desert Scribe said...

Hordes of the Things is my favorite fantasy wargame. Its generic nature means I can be creative with my armies, and the rules play quickly enought that you can usually finish a typical gamme in less than an hour-and-a-half. Best of all, the rules are now available for free.