Thursday, August 25, 2011

The best wife in the world--

--for so many reasons!  The latest justification?  When I got another hot tip about spaceship minis at Half-Price Books, my lovely bride was kind enough to stop on the way home from work and grab four boxes of miniatures for me.

Some wives might be grudgingly tolerate their husband's nerdy hobby; mine indulges me in it.  As you can see, this was quite the haul: Three boxes of Star Frontiers minis--including two boxes of Sathar ships, which I don't have--and the fleet pack of Cimexians from Brigade Models, which I'd never seen before.
The Sathar ships are pretty big.  The heavy cruiser consists of the five pieces of metal you see on the left; the other two ships are the Sathar frigate and light cruiser.  Unfortunately, the other heavy cruiser is missing the two separate engine nacelles, so that ship will only get half its propulsion.  That box did come with an extra pirate frigate, though, so it's not a total loss.
Speaking of pirates, the Sathar boxes each come with two models of assault scouts and the aforementioned frigate.  These models are a lot smaller, but will fit in nicely with my Federation scouts and tanker.  And, of course, the Fed box comes with two more scouts and another freighter, not to mention one more firgate, destroyer, and battleship to add to my transport fleet.
I'm intrigued by the Cimexian fleet.  That box holds 18 minis: a dreadnought, two battleships, a pair of cruisers, a couple of destroyers, a trio of frigates and eight corvettes.  Of course, these models are a lot smaller than most of my spaceships; these are fleet scale, comparable to minis for Full Thrust.  Their organic look and mandible shapes make me think they could work as more Entomalian ships, or maybe some new faction or species.  I'm not sure just yet.
It's more stuff to store untill I can get it painted.  Luckily, my wife not only understands my lead addiction, she enables it!  And she's not embarrassed by my gaming, either.  As my spouse was purchasing these toys for me, the clerk asked her if she played the game.  "No," she replied.  "I have a nerd at home."

Babe, your nerd thanks you!


Don M said...

Nice haul there Mack! I've been wanting to tell you about this guy Drew Bergstrom he makes some really nice ships and fighters I
have a ton of them! Best prices out there too!


Mik said...

My wife is a total non-gamer, but like yours she understands it's an important hobby for me and she gets that. I have some friends whose wives openly mock them in front of others for their "little toy" hobbies, all jokingly of course, but still.

Kudos on a great find. And on the spaceships.

James Maliszewski said...

I thought I had a terrific wife -- and I do -- but I have to admit I'm pretty impressed by this. Great stuff.

ckutalik said...

Monica is pretty great--and a great player in our campaign in her own right.

Mike Slade said...

My wife suports my "Nerd" hobbies, because she says she knows what I'm up to and where I am. She'd rather have me doing this than out drinking in bars and going to strip clubs.

Billiam Babble said...

I only have Alpha Dawn and so had no idea what Sathar ships looked like. They are certainly better looking than the Sathar themselves! Thanks for sharing these rare relics. :)