Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another new mini

Check out what I scored recently on ebay:
He's an Angel of Valor Legionnaire for the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game.  Cool, huh?
I plan on using this figure in one of my Hordes of the Things armies--either Surtr and the Sons of Muspel, or a new army, theme undecided.
He's taller than your typical 28mm figure, and a lot more regal-looking, so I don't think I'll use him as a Fliers element.  He looks powerful, so I don't see him as a unit of Blades, either.
I'm thinking Hero or Aerial Hero.  Either way, a nice addition to my HotT army, whichever one I end up putting him in.


Arsenus said...

Very nice!!

HoldFast said...

Yes, that is a sweet figure! Can't wait to defeat it on the HotT battlefield! Mu-ha-ha!