Saturday, December 10, 2011

WTF, Blogger?

OK, I've tried several times, but I can't get my title picture to stretch all the way across the screen like it's supposed to.  I unchecked the "shrink to fit" box when importing a photo for the title section of the blog, but it still shows up shrunken.  I did this for my old photo, and I tried it with a new photo (visible in the wrong place above).

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

EDIT: OK, now the photo is behind the title, but the words in the title are now in a smaller area.  What's going on?


Don M said...

no idea what's been going on with
blogger lately

scottsz said...

Google's probably doing more 'behind the scenes changes'...

It looks like the header pic is displaying correctly, but the header text is adjusting to the width of the image.

I made up two options to try. Go to the links below and download both images to your desktop - then re-upload them through your Blogger interface to your site.

The first is just the image stretched out to 1024 pixels:

The second keeps the spaceship the same size, but the image background is kept transparent and is 1024 pixels wide.

The second one may look better with the starfield background, but is a much larger file size.

Matgc said...

The blogger is a nut case. Sometimes it shows the members of my blog as being 8, and sometimes 13.

Unless those 5 extra guys are repeatedly leaving and rejoining my blog,something is wrong...

CounterFett said...

I had the same problem (still do, for that matter), what I had to do was do a screen capture and paste it to paint to get the right 'size' and edit my title header into that, then just use a little trial and error to make it fit.

EastwoodDC said...

I had troubles with this too. CounterFett's screen capture method is a good idea, because you can create the image so that is won't be stretched at all. I finally gave up trying to get Blogger to display my blog title the way I wanted, and added it directly to the image instead. I even tinkered with image layers so that I could have one of the Battlemechs out in front of the text (