Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas gifts

At first I thought I must have been very bad this year, because I found this in my stocking:
But then I unwrapped a package that turned out to be something I had asked for, a camera stand to help me improve my photography for this blog:
The Gorilla Pod was all I had asked for, but I received another photography-related gift:
That's right, a new camera, to replace my current model, which is a little worse for wear after four years of sharing my pocket with keys and cell phone.  I'm looking forward to trying it out.
These are all my Christmas gifts which are even tangentially related to gaming.  So what did Santa bring you this year?


Joseph said...

Excellent stuff, and a Merry Christmas to you.

Mine was a "Big Bang Theory" haul. My wife's sister and mother chipped in and got me all 4 seasons on DVD, and two BBT-themed t-shirts.

Honestly, best gifts I've gotten in years. Beats the usual Barnes & Noble gift card.

Don M said...

Good Haul, Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Arsenus said...

Great gifts!

I have received a Boba Fett statue.

HoldFast said...

Howdy Scribe! Nice loot! Funny, I got a Gorilla pod as well. I plan to use it mostly for shooting our various miniatures games. Please let me know any tips or tricks you discover. Other things in my stocking include, some dark elf crossbowmen to complete my SoBaH warband and a copy of GDW's 'Battle of the Five Armies'. Woot!

Mo D said...

The coal was for the x-mas lighting incident. Since you were a pretty good husband all year you got to keep what was already wrapped! 8-)

maxmike said...

Santa brought me an entirely new Galactic fleet, including a model in a larger scale: From Ravenstar:

and the ship its based on (which I also got):

Merry Xmas and I hope everyone got what they were hoping for!

Desert Scribe said...

Those are some cool ships, maxmike. You'll have to share photos once you get them painted.