Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gelatinous cubes

Today I picked up a couple of gelatinous cube miniatures (pictured above with the thief Uma, one of the characters from the Hill Cantons campaign) for use in D&D games.  Can you guess the manufacturer (of the cubes, not Uma--she's a Reaper figure in need of a touchup)?

Hint: they're not from the D&D Minis prepainted line.  They're not Mage Knight figs, either.

Give up?  OK, they're from the "Make It Christmas!" line. 


That's right, these are holiday decorations I found in the 2/3 off clearance section of Hobby Lobby (the back of the label reads "Description: Crystal Clear Ice Cubes x 2").  The package further describes these things as "Parts for Holiday Projects!!!" (triple exclamation points included).  I guess people use them as ice scuptures or something to go with the little trees in their holiday villages? They also come in smaller sizes in packs of four, as well as a package of a dozen or so tiny, transparent cubes.  Of course, when I saw them, I immediately knew their true purpose was to represent these dungeon scavengers on the tabletop.

OK, maybe they look a little small next to a 30mm figure, but at 80 cents per, who could pass them up?  They're Item # 5848148 if you're interested.

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The Happy Whisk said...

I knew when I saw the photo it was a Christmas cube because my gram sent me something similar this year. Only mine as a little glass bow on it and can hang from a tree.

Happy Gaming.