Monday, December 19, 2011

Another old Starfleet Wars ad

I found another magazine advertisement for Starfleet Wars from back in the day.  This was was in the Best of Dragon Vol. 1, and it's another one of the reasons behind my obsession with the game and its associated miniatures.  Who wouldn't be entranced by the five Super Galactic Dreadnoughts in this picture?
My apologies for the image, which is a scan of a water-damaged volume I actually own.  I was thumbing through it recently when I saw the familiar ship outlines.  You can find this Alnavco ad on page 23 of the compilation, beneath an exercise in nerdery article titled "How Heavy is My Giant?" 

It's interesting that the magazine would sell advertisements in an issue that's reprinting older articles and presumably meant as a reference work.  In addition to the copy for Alnavco, there are also ads for Ral Partha, the Dungeon Hobby Shop, Arduin, The Armory, Martian Metals, Chaosium and more.

The text in the Dragon advertisement goes into greater detail than the smaller Starfleet Wars ad in Boys Life, which I showed you last summer.  The advertising copy is evocative of the game's setting:
Each [SGDN] is the flagship of a different starfleet consisting of galactic dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, cruisers, destroyers and transports.  Each fleet has its own "air" force of starbombers and starfighters.  And eadh fleet has different characteristics, tactics, etc., all explained in STARFLEET WARS, wargaming rules desined especially for this series.

There's more!  Each fleet has its own Galactic Armor Corps...miniature futuristic fighting vehicles for surdace battles.  The game MAATAC provides wargaming rules.
Not only that, but the Super Galactic Dreadnought models sold for just $15 apiece!  No wonder I wanted one back then.  It took me a few decades, but I finally got it.

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