Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First game of X-Wing

My brother was kind enough to buy me the X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.  Over the weekend, we took it out of its box and played the introductory scenario, which only used some of the rules.
My brother took the X-wing with a rookie pilot, and I had the pair of TIE fighters, with one Academy pilot and one Obsidian Squadron pilot.
I made the mistake of splitting my forces, and the Rebel ship blew apart one of the fighters.  "Didn't you learn anything from Top Gun?" my brother said.  "Never leave your wingman."
The game turned into a battle of maneuver, with each fighter trying to get the other one in its sights.  We exchanged shots, but managed to dodge each other.
I finally scored a hit, but it wasn't enough to destroy the sturdy Alliance fighter.
And my enemy promptly returned the favor, damaging, but not destroying, the TIE.
After that it was more maneuvering, trying to outguess your opponent, anticipate where he'll be and have your guns pointing in that direction.
After much chasing around and dodged laser fire, I finally lined up  another shot.  This time the Rebel pilot wasn't able to avoid my guns, and the Alliance ship erupted in a fireball.
We enjoyed playing this game.  I like the way the maneuver templates work, evoking the feel of the dogfights from the Star Wars movies.  I look forward to playing the full rules, with more spaceships on the table.


HoldFast said...

Victory for the Empire!

Colgar6 said...

Sounds interesting indeed. Still, I've got investment in 5150:Fighter Command - I should at least play that before venturing off into something new like this.