Monday, September 2, 2013

Fleet and ship names from the GCC game

I had six players for my 5150: Star Navy game at GuadaComaCon.  Each gamer had an identical Free Company fleet, consisting of one battleship, one fast attack carrier, and four light cruisers.   The game was well-received, and I had fun running it.  As usual in my scenarios, I had the players christen their ships and name their fleets.  Here's what they came up with:

  • Fleet: Evil Clown Mafia
  • Battleship: Admiral Chuckles
  • Carrier: Prince Slappy
  • Light Cruisers: not named [bad admiral!]
Coach K
  • Fleet: Patriots
  • Battleship: Belichick
  • Carrier: Brady
  • Light Cruisers: GronkAmendola, Ridley, Hernandez
Coach's son:
  • Fleet: Cowboys
  • Battleship: Jones
  • Carrier: Garrett
  • Light Cruisers: Romo, Bryant, Claiborne, Murray
Der Kommanndant
  • Fleet: Sons of Ares
  • Battleship: Thanatos
  • Carrier: Achlys
  • Light Cruisers: Deimos, Phobos, Enyo, Eris
  • Fleet: Devastation
  • Battleship: Leviathan
  • Carrier: Yormomma
  • Light Cruisers: Ramrod, Suckit, Blaster, Slayer
Don M
  • Fleet: not named [bad admiral!]
  • Battleship: Dark Star
  • Carrier: Graff Zeppelin
  • Light Cruisers: Repulse, Valiant, Matidor, Cossak
I liked the father-son rivalry expressed by naming their respective forces after different NFL teams.  The other names, humorous, mythological and historical, also were appropriate for mercenary forces.  

I think naming your forces gives you a little more investment in the scenario.  I'm curious: Do you (as a player) name your individual ships or (as a referee) have the players name their ships?

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Shon Richards said...

I know it is a hold over from my rpg days, but I name the ships and name the captains of the ship. As a GM, I usually insist that players at least name the ships.