Saturday, September 28, 2013

Star Navy: Hishen trouble

Last week my brother and I played some 5150: Star Navy.  We decided to play on the same side, each taking a six-ship human mercenary fleet.  We rolled to see what our Hishen opponents had.  Unfortunately, our adversaries outnumbered us--and outgunned us, with one Class 6 vessel, while our largest ships were Class 5s.
The asteroids did shield my brother's force (the red ships) from the enemy's fire at first.  I wasn't so lucky, as the Hishen got the initiative and their Class 6 Planetary Conquest Ship blew away my carrier before it could launch any fighters.  The captain of one of its escorts, seeing the destruction, decided he didn't get paid enough for this, and fled the battle.
The game was pretty much a foregone conclusion after that, but we fought a delaying action and took out a few Hishen escorts.  Some of my brother's fighters did damage the big enemy bad guy, but it wasn't enough to drive it away from the battle.
We called the  game, which was a major Hishen victory.  They destroyed my two capital ships and drove off several escorts.  We only destroyed or forced to flee three of their escorts.  Next time, we're bringing a dreadnought of our own!

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