Monday, September 16, 2013

Capellans converge

GNN--The Capellan Raiders have assembled a raiding fleet that is terrorizing the Fourth Ring.  The capital ships are custom hulls from the shipyards of the Brazos Evil Empire.  The escorts include a starbomber and star armored pursuit ship acquired from the Terran Transsolar Federation, a Star Raider from the Garrison system, and a Sathar destroyer.
No word yet on which system this force is headed toward, but Lloyd's has ceased to issue insurance on all unescorted merchant vessels in the sector.  A consortium of shippers is looking to hire at least one Free Company task force to protect its transports.  More on this story as it develops.


Don M said...

Sounds good so far, the ships look good together!

I thought of a back story on how the
Capellans got a hold of two such mammoth ships, one of their deep range
scout/raiding parities game upon the
remains of a massive interstellar battle, hundreds of derelict ships
of two unknown long dead alien powers. In fact the reason for the oblivious differences of the two large ships is they are from two different powers. The Capellans have
been retrofitting these ships for the past five years, and these two are only the first....There are allot more! There is a Capellans asteroid
base in that area, where the refitting and repair is happening, you may just want to capture that place.....Time for the MARINES!

Gonsalvo said...

Two great pieces of background for inspiring new games!

thedrake70458 said...


Similar to the backstory of how my Capellans field so many ships--use a combination of piracy,own industry,and the spaceship graveyard from the TTA book "Spacewrecks" ,with the manpower coming from cloning.