Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seven games in one Traveller supplement

Another weekend, another great find at Half Price Books.  This time, it's a booklet reprinting the rules for seven sci-fi boardgames by Game Designers Workshop, the company behind Traveller.  Titled Games 1-6+: The Classic Games, this book came out in 2001, in the same format as the Traveller roleplaying book compilation.  Instead of RPGs, however, it contains hex-and-counter games, with images of the hexes and counters.
This tome includes the games Imperium (Game 0, strategic interstellar war predating Traveller itself), Mayday (ship-to-ship space combat), Snapshot (close combat aboard starships), Azhanti High Lightning (battle for control of the eponymous fleet intruder, with 14 deck plans), Invasion: Earth (the final battle of the Solomani Rim War), Fifth Frontier War (battles for the Spinward Marches), Dark Nebula (based on the Imperium game system), and Striker (not a boardgame, but a set of rules for use with 15mm miniatures).
In addition to the rules for all these games, the book includes color reproductions of cover art, counters and game boards.  Unfortunately, many of the maps aren't all that hi-res, so I probably won't be able to play all of these games.  Still, it's a great look at the history of the Traveller universe, and who knows--maybe I can convert some of them to minis play.


Sean said...

Lucky! You have the best stocked Half Price Books I've ever seen.

Desert Scribe said...

This was a HPB that we don't usually visit, but we happened to be on that side of town.