Saturday, November 30, 2013

Building a better Zombieville

I spent part of the Thanksgiving holiday at my brother's.  He's been gathering minis, vehicles, and scenery for a massive All Things Zombie game. 
We had planned on maybe getting a game in, but since none of the minis were painted (or even put together), instead we spent several hours painstakingly assembling the plastic minis from Wargames Factory. 
We had male and female zombies, along with men and women survivors.  We glued together more than fifty of the undead, and by sibling used the survivors sprues to put together some law enforcement.
I supplied a couple of vehicles: a four-wheeler and a dune buggy from the old Void miniatures game.
He also had some metal minis from a British manufacturer--some interesting zombies as well as a unique take on the characters from the Wizard of Oz.
He's also constructing some buildings from laser-cut wood, including this multi-level parking garage.  I'm looking forward to playing in Zombieville.


Colgar6 said...

Time well spent, I'd say. Of course, the job isn't finished yet :-) ...

HoldFast said...

Nice! The board is looking good so far. Curious to see how he will paint the zombies.

Maj. Diz Aster said...

Does your brother have a plan for painting all of the zeds? I was at one time planning to buy a couple of those Wargames Factory zombie kits and I wanted to paint them up quickly using a relatively cheap method. I do have some zombies that I painted with hobby paints, but to do 60+ zombies would have been expensive paint-wise, so I looked for a cheaper alternative. Color matching to the zed flesh tones I already have took a little work, but I think I have found a close match. The base coat color I normally use is Reaper MSP Ghoul Flesh, which is a grayish green. Krylon makes a color in their Camouflage Fusion line, it's 1920 Army Green. To paint the necrotic flesh highlights, you'd drybrush on Apple Barrel's 21346 Pale Green. For less than $5, your brother will have more than enough paint to paint all of the zed's flesh quickly.