Saturday, November 23, 2013

OGRE at Millennium Con

Saturday afternoon at Millennium Con, I took part in a game of OGRE Miniatures.  This was the full-fledged tabletop wargame, not the hex game with minis instead of counters.  George, our Game Master, brought scores of tanks and GEVs to the table, as well as infantry and several of the eponymous OGREs.  Craters and ruined buildings dominated one end of the board as well, with a road running down the middle.
The scenario involved a Paneuropean force (the Royal Romanian Armored division) trying to obtain data from a Combine command post in a ruined city.  Both forces looked good, the PEs in the green and gray of the Romanian army, and the NAC sporting the yellow and black of the 1st Cavalry.
The Combine side had three OGREs (two Mark Vs and a Mark III).  I ended up with the PE, commanding the Paneuro cybertank contingent: two Fencers and a Doppelsoldner.  One Mark V was General Ike (I forgot the name of the second I noticed in the photos that the second one was called Can Do), and the Mark III was called Shoo-Shoo.  My guys were Yellow Dragon, Green Dragon, and Big Dragon.
Our main mission was to bring a hovertruck loaded with electronics close enough to a command post to download info from the Combine network.  To do that however, we first would need to knock out the laser towers that would otherwise make short work of the nearly defenseless transport vehicles. 
We decided to avoid the road as too obvious.  Instead, our GEVs made a big feint to our left, drawing most of their forces in that direction, as our heavier units plodded forward to the center and the right.  It took several turns for our tracked armor to get close enough to start shooting.
Missile racks on the PE cybertanks put forth a lot of firepower in a single turn.  I was able to clear out some infantry and superheavy tanks before getting in range of the NAC OGREs.  They launched all their missiles at my missile racks, but after the smoke cleared I still had two launchers on the Dopp and all the missile racks on the Fencers.
I then cleared out to let the lesser armor deal with the enemy OGREs while we proceeded toward the city, accompanied by some GEVs (off-camera) to our far right.
With the GEVs and the infantry that they carried taking out the first of four laser towers, the battle tilted in favor of the Paneuropeans.  The GM called the game, with a Paneuro victory.  All in all, it was quite a battle.
I'm glad I got to play this scenario, my first-ever game of OGRE Miniatures.  Now I need to get my own minis out for some more games, either using the hex-and-counter rules or using the minis version.  Either way, I want some more OGRE!


J Womack, Esq. said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I am slowly building up my own OGRE miniatures forces. I need more Paneuro, though, since I only have a Fencer and some infantry (I used epic Space Marines).

 Ashley said...

Nice to see a report using the miniature rules. Nice minis too.

Sean said...

OGRE minis looks pretty cool.

Maj. Guiscard said...

Ogre always makes for a nice looking game.

Glad you had fun, because we might even get more inspirational batreps on this site!