Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fantasy skirmish at MillCon

While it seemed that the main fantasy gaming at Millennium Con was Hordes of the Things, there were a couple of fantasy games that weekend as well.
HoldFast ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes Friday evening.  You can read about it in greater detail on his blog, but it's important to note two things: First, the game can be used with any figures you happen to own.  Second, it's awesome when a player's Alien queen (as in the critter from the movies) gets taken down and chomped on by zombies.
There also was a dungeon exploration game called DungeonQuest on Saturday morning.  I noticed that it, too, used minis from other games.
Don't worry, I will get to the spaceship games eventually.

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Red Shirt Rob said...

I love DungeonQuest. I have two editions, the latest one and an earlier one (2nd or 3rd). I don't recognize the board they are using. It has 8 entrances...the boards I have only have 4.