Monday, April 28, 2014


Awhile back, I suggested that it would be nice if all the local Hordes of the Things gamers would list their armies and generals, and provide names for their homelands as well.  Not for a by-the-book campaign, but just to provide a little more background for when two players have a quick round of HotT.

I got quite the roll of forces, along with names of generals and countries, which are reproduced below.  And local gamer Holdfast took this campaign seed a step further, providing the map above, so we can figure out where our armies lie in relation to one another.  I call this land ... Hottlandia.

ARMY                         TYPE                COUNTRY            
Order of the Scarlet Serpent Ancient Greek       Hellas
Scorpions of Dirz            Confronatation Dirz Desert of Syrharhalna
Sons of Muspel               Fire Creatures      Muspelheim
Spiders                      Giant Spiders       Arachnia
XIII Legion                  Imperial Romans     Nova Roma
Bug Army                     Nature Civilization The World Jungle
Space Invaders               Video Game Badguys  The Arcade
Lost Platoon                 40K Imperial Guard  Sector 53A
Dark Host of Nagarroth       WFB Dark Elves      Nagarrothi Raiders
League of the Scarlet Falcon WFB Empire          Province of Rhosynland
Maroons                      WFB Empire          Barony of Maroon
Middenheimers                WFB Empire          Middenheim
Nordlanders                  WFB Empire          Grand Barony of Nordland
Nulners                      WFB Empire          City State of Nuln
Ostlanders                   WFB Empire          Province of Ostland
Stirlanders                  WFB Empire          Grand County of Stirland
Non-Undefeated Gobbos        WFB Goblins         Drakwald Forest
Warhost of Ulthanas          WFB High Elves      Kindrallah
Nightmare Legion             WFB Skeletons       Necromunda
Crypt Guard                  WFB Vampires        The Black Forest

As you can see, there are a lot of repurposed Citadel armies on this roster, as well as recycled historical figures, prepainted minis, and converted toys. Not only does Hordes of the Things spark creativity, it lets you keep using old armies that were originally intended for other rules.

Now, I'm off to conquer Hottlandia!


Latric said...

Awesome work. I love the idea and setting.

Please add Norde and Skaldi's Army

Water and ice creatures somewhere in the far north of Hottlandia.

Don M said...

I have vast hordes of unused 25/28s
that have been gathering dust for about a decade...this has me thinking,this and seeing some of
the re-purposed armies during
your con....)

Guess I'll have to learn the rules..)

HoldFast said...

HoTT is perfect for re-purposed armies. Glue those puppies to an appropriate sized base and you are ready for battle!

HoldFast said...

Something in the map doesn't look right to me. Ah! I remember now, I have a newer version that includes forests. Will send it to you via email.