Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Entomalian reinforcements

I know, I know ... I already have plenty of spaceship minis.  But when this batch popped up on Ebay at a bargain price, I had to bid.  And now they're mine: four stellar destroyers (Wasp class), two stellar cruisers (Hornet class), one galactic battlecruiser (Scorpion class), and one galactic dreadnought (Mantis class).  Operation Bug Tussle is coming together ...


Latric said...
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Latric said...

I would like to see a picture of your amassed space fleet.

Gonsalvo said...

Nice acquisitions!

I just added a bunch of Terran and Entomalian ships to my fleets for my Galactic Knights games at Historicon in July... now I just have to paint them all!

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Latric! As soon as I can clear off the kitchen table, I'll take a group photo. Meanwhile, here's one from a few years ago. My collection has grown since then!

Gonsalvo, that's awesome! What scenario are you using for your Historicon game? If I were a little closer, I'd be playing in it.

Gonsalvo said...


The plan is to actually run your "Missions" from 5150 adapted GK terms; each session will have 2 match ups, each with a different Mission, exact details TBD, but something like this:

Session 1 (Thursday Afternoon)
A) Terrans vs Avarians "DEFEND" the Planet (Space station) from the Avarians
B) Entomalians vs Carnivorans "CONVOY" the Entomalian ships against Carnivoran raisers

Session 2 (Saturday Evening)
C) Terrans vs Entomalians "ATTACK" the Entomalian Planet (SS)
D) Avarians vs Carniovorans "HUNT" the Carnivoran Raiders

That's part of why I've been working out the details of the translation on my blog!