Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Defending an Ogre Raid

This past weekend when Holdfast came over to play Starmada, we also got in a game of OGRE.  We played the Raid scenario on the G1 map, with my opponent attacking with a Mark IV (code name: Shemp) and six GEVs.
He came up the west side of the board, stopping to lay waste to the towns along the way (the terrain overlays in the Designer's Edition are a great way to show this).  There wasn't much I could do to stop him at first, as almost all my reinforcements came in on the edge opposite from all the action, and he took out one of my Mobile Command Posts as well.
His delays proved his undoing, however, as my backup units were finally able to get close enough to take out his guns and slow him down.  Once I was able to keep up, I could strip away treads until the enemy was immobile.
We were very close on points scored, but he lost all his attacking units.  According to the scenario, that made the battle a decisive Paneuropean victory.  Hooray for our side!

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