Sunday, April 27, 2014

X-Winging it

Since Saturday's dungeon craw was abbreviated thanks to low player turnout (i.e., one), Rickey and I played a couple of games of X-Wing to finish out the afternoon. Since he'd never played before, we did a quick game of two TIE fighters against one X-Wing so he could pick up the basics.  He took the two Imperials, while I played the lone Rebel.  The game had a lot of maneuvering back and forth, as we wore each other down. 
After I eliminated one of his ships, we flew around with one hull point each, until I was able to get him in my sights and destroy his remaining craft.  We then decided to play another game, this time with around 60 or so points.  He added two ships, an Interceptor and a Bomber, and I also took on more vessels, a Y-wing and a HWK-290.
This game didn't go as well for me.  The X-wing fell to some good shooting and flying from one of the TIEs.  And for the other two, flying in formation near a bomb blast wasn't a good idea. In the end, he had all his ships, with only the TIE bomber damaged.  This was his first time to play the game, and by his second match, he was flying like an ace!

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Maj. Diz Aster said...

Sounds similar to when you taught me to play X-wing ;-) You ever considered playing the Imperials for the second game? Lol! Or flying 2 B-wings with the HWK290, you'd end the game with a better kill ratio ;-)