Saturday, April 26, 2014

Your guide for the dungeon

Trying to get my dungeon crawl going, and all but one player canceled out on me today due to prior commitments (thanks Fiesta!).  Rickey, however, was willing to brave my Holmes rules dungeon with his thief Alaric going solo, but I talked him into looking for someone to accompany him back into the halls of the wizard Nosira Kam.  He was approached by a Halfling, one Banker Baggins (no relation),  who was willing to join him as a partner for an equal share of the treasure.  But Alaric wanted a  majority share, and a low reaction roll left the Banker storming away from their meeting. 
Later, the scholar Fumend Pal the Tall said he had his own reasons for exploring the dungeons of the wizard and approached the thief about being a guide.  After a short negotiation, the thief signed a contract to guide Fumend through the dungeon for 15 gold and a one-quarter share of any treasure found.  Their explorations took them through a garbage-filled room that concealed a nice silver braclet, and the into a hall filled with statues and mysterious laughter, where the bracelet and Alaric's two daggers disappeared, causing a little confusion between the two dungeoneers.  Some more rooms with tools and materials for sculptures led to a bag filled with pieces of malachite and then to an encounter with wandering elves.
Although tense at first, the elves became friendly and even gifted Alaric with an elven dagger.  Some more exploration led the duo into a room with three berserkers.  Luckily, the explorers got the drop on the fighting men, with two of them dropping their weapons in surprise.  As Fumend chanted a spell of Protection from Evil, Alaric threw his manmade dagger at the berserker who still held his weapon, and the Viking warrior charged.  They traded blows, then a stout whack from Fumend's staff sent the warrior collapsing to the floor.  This didn't stop his battle-lusting companions who pressed the attack, but eventually the two explorers defeated all three berserkers. 
Finding but a few copper pennies on the vanquished foes and taking their weapons, Fumend determined it was time to leave the dungeon, although the thief wanted to stay.  But as the person paying the bills, the boss won out and the pair returned to the surface with a few semi-precious stones, some coins, and the sundry items they had gained from their adventure.  The patron handed Alaric his pay and his share of the loot, and the two parted ways, a successful foray into the dungeon behind them.

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Gonsalvo said...

I do recall my days of playing D&D with great fondness!