Monday, August 24, 2015

Blogiversary celebration continues

Thanks for all the kind comments on my five-year anniversary post. To continue the festivities, please enjoy some more photos of my various starfleets:
The pride and flagship of my Terran Red Fleet, the Victory-class Super Galactic Dreadnought.
Constellation-class Galactic Attack Carriers and a Formidable-class Galactic Battlecruiser from the White Fleet.
Transports of the Slannish Treasure Fleet (Star Frontiers and Stardate:3000 minis).
A Gryphon-class SGDN with Condor-class DNs and Nest-GACs form the backbone of my Avarian force.
The Carnivorans have their own SGDN, as well as a carrier and other capital ships.
Civilian transports came from the Star Frontiers and Stardate:3000 lines, with a few Citadel models thrown in.
The Aquarians have Stingray-class carriers with a Shark-class battlecruiser up front and a Leviathan dreadnought in back.
The Entomalian ships all have that distinctive insectiod look, including the Hive-class carriers and the Swarm SGDN,
The Flying Roadshow (Star Frontiers minis) is a combination acrobatic troupe and mercenary force.
The Vogon Construction Fleet is another mercenary unit with craft from a variety of sources.


pancerni said...

Fascinating to see, such a lot of what has been seen in the piece by piece over the years.

Nice photography.

knobgobbler said...

Very cool!
... although, I've had bad experiences with those Star Frontiers models, the only metal gaming figures I've owned that actually showed signs of lead rot... causing me to quarantine them (in the bin).