Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stopping the Ogre AAR

Last weekend I took along my portable Ogre setup to an out-of-town family gathering. Defending the command post against my brother's Mark III, I managed to stop the Ogre before it could destroy the CP! It was a rare victory for me as the defender.
My setup was different from my usual: no howitzers, just six GEVs, three heavy tanks, and a trio of missile tanks. I had the heavies and four hovercraft to the south, The rest of the armor and my infantry, grouped in squads of two, was further back.
My brother drove the Markk III straight for the target, and I sent my fast movers in to take out his weapons. Some good shooting destroyed the cybertank's main and one secondary batter early on. And because he refused to take the bait and kept heading toward the command post, my GEVs were able to scoot out of range behind him.
Some of my armor did get too close and ended up crushed beneath the treads, but my GEVs and missile tanks were able to bombard the Ogre's treads and slow it down, enabling the infantry to pace the monstrous robot tank.
In the end, I stripped the treads and weapons while the Ogre was well short of the command post. I feel good now that I have another victory against the Mark III. Now it's time to start mastering the Mark V defense ...


Colgar6 said...

It's always good to know that the Ogre *can* be defeated. I'm not clear whether you think that this was just a lucky result, or if you thought that your tactics were superior to your opponent's?

kesher said...

Sounds like pure strategy had the victory there! Doesn't seem like the Ogre used any real strategy at all. Though, in its defense, it IS an Ogre... :)