Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scatter terrain for Zombieville

I picked up some scatter terrain for my brother's All Things Zombie work-in-progress. These are all from Reaper Minis' Bones line. Here you see them with some Heroscape minatures for scale.
The shipping containers and dumpsters are all made from hard plastic. I just gave them a coat of spaypainted color, and they look pretty good next to Agent Smith (or is that Agent Coulson?). The only problem is that the dumpsters are a lot bigger than they are in real life--almost as high as the shipping containers.
This weapons locker is also made from hard plastic and just took a coat of spraypaint. It looks even better now that I painted some black details onto it.
These wooden crates were made of the softer Bones material. I painted them a tan color with a brush, then drybrushed a lighter shade of tan, followed by an ivory white. The Bones terrain offerings are pretty cool, and I recommend them for your modern and sci-fi gaming.

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Nobody667 said...

Excellent! They look good, I love the bones containers and the dumpster. I know the dumpster is huge (scale wise) it's a good size for a miniature to hid inside...

I haven't seen the crates, I'll have to look around for those. You can never have too many crates!