Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More anniversary starship pics

As my weeklong celebration of Super Galactic Dreadnought's fifth birthday continues (previous pics here and here), have a look at some more photos of my assembled fleets:
This space station comes from the Battlefleet Gothic line of miniatures.
Another look at the iridescent Entomalian fleet. I still have some more of these to paint.
I like the details in this side view of my Terran Red Fleet.
But the ships look even more impressive from head-on.
I got lots of compliments on the paint job for my Shadow Fleet of ships from Garrison Miniatures.
Here's a detail shot of my Avarian fleet.
And a dramatic overview of the Aquarian starships.
I also have plenty of ships to comprise my Terran White Fleet.
The Capellan Raiders is my only fleet where I didn't do all the paint jobs. The two huge kitbashes (a gift from Don M) and the three Silent Death minis (via eBay) were already painted when I got them.
Here are some one-off paint jobs. I want to use these to run a roleplaying campaign where each character gets a ship.
Finally, the Flying Roadshow. I haven't used these in a game yet. Time to come up with a scenario ...
Hope y'all are enjoying these.

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Gonsalvo said...

I always enjoy seeing your ships!

I like the BFG SS - hadn't seen that one before.