Tuesday, September 13, 2016

GEO and Mark III comparison shots

At the request of a member on the Steve Jackson Games Ogre/GEV forum, here are some side-by-side shots of my kitbashed Ground Effect Ogre and an Ogre Mark III.
They;re about the same length, but the GEO is a little closer to the ground than its tracked brethren.
The width is pretty much the same as well. The Matchbox vehicle I used as the basis for the G-E Ogre was the perfect size for this conversion.
I want to see how the GEO compares on the battlefield. I need to playtest it against the defenders in the Mark III attacking the command post scenario. Meanwhile, it looks pretty good next to another cybertank.


J Womack, Esq. said...

What did the GEO start life as?

Matthew Sullivan said...

Your kit-bashed work is magnificent.

TruthAgainstAllOdds TruthAgainstAllOdds said...
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Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Matthew.

JWomack, the GEO was originally a Matchbox hovercraft, the Amphi Flyer. There's a photo on this person's blog post.