Sunday, September 11, 2016

Treasure of Goblin Forest (SoBaH battle report)

I got to play Song of Blades and Heroes with my wife this weekend. She'd never played before, so to draw her into the game, I created a warband for her that included her assassin character from our recent one-on-one D&D game.
In addition to the assassin, taken from the rulebook with the Leadership special ability added, she had a trio of elf warrior maidens, an elf wizard (with the magic changed to shooting for simplicity's sake and points balance), and a baby dragon that breathed blue flame. We called them the Hunters.
The goblin warband consisted of ten goblins, two spiders, and an ogre, all from the rulebook. Unfortunately, with no Leader special abilities in my group, they weren't very motivated. And it didn't help that my activation rolls resulted in turnovers quite often.
The scenario we played was Treasure Hunt, with the background that my spouse's character had been hired to recover a certain valuable item, the location of which had been narrowed down to somewhere in a goblin-infested forest. Most of the figures and terrain are Heroscape, while the treasure chests are Mage Knight.
The ogre quickly left his smaller teammates behind and got into the thick of things. The big guy attemted to stop the ladies from grabbing the treasure, but even with the help of the web-spitting Boris the spider, he was taken down by the Hunters and dealt a fatal blow.
The goblins (Pathfinder minis, by the way) and surviving spider were too slow to stop Casandra from grabbing the treasure and heading toward safety, although they did chase after the Hunters for a little while.
The evil creatures ended up contenting themselves with snaring the blue dragon, keeping it alive until it could be cooked properly back at their lair. I have it on good authority that the dragon later escaped.
The Hunters left the battlefield with their objective achieved. They killed the ogre and one spider, while I managed to take out only the small dragon. A lopsided victory for my wife. And she said she will play the game again, so that makes it a win for me as well.


Gonsalvo said...

Looks like the game was successful all around, then!

Colgar6 said...

Yup, that sound as if it worked well. Does dragon taste like chicken, I wonder? Possibly already barbecued?