Friday, September 9, 2016

Water hexes for Ogre

When I first ran my Monopolis game, I borrowed some river overlays from a fellow gamer. But sooner or later I needed to come up with my own way to represent water hexes in my large-scale Ogre games.
Eventually, I found some hexagons that are the same size (four inches across) as the spaces on my Corsec game mat.
I bought a pack of 99 cardboard beer coasters in an eBay auction. Some glossy blue spray paint gave me that game-map shade to represent water.
For ease of setup, I attached the hexes in strips of three using Elmer's glue and old business cards. This way I can quickly lay out rivers or large bodies of water for my Ogre games.
Now I can put in some water hazards on my maps, with plenty of room to play out all those aquatic overruns.

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Maj. Guiscard said...

That is a great idea.
All of the pre-made hexes were a little to pricey for me.

99 Beer Coasters at 4", Perfect.

Thanks for sharing,