Thursday, February 9, 2017

Two Mark IIIs attacking

Last month I had a day off and got together with some of the Frostgrave gang to play some Ogre before we resumed our FG campaign. One player was relatively new to the game and the other remembered it from three decades ago, so I gave them each an Ogre Mark III and I played the defense, with the forces listed in the errata for that scenario.
I placed my GEVs and heavies up front, and the enemy Ogres made short work of them--but not before some lucky shots took out a main battery on one of them. A few hovercraft remained to harass the cybertanks, but the heavy work fell on the infantry and missile tanks that made up the second wave.
By this time, the Ogres rolled under my howitzer umbrella, and some more good shots stripped away their remaining treads while they were far away from the command post.
It's nice knowing I can beat two Ogres at once, thanks to the extra forces provided in the errata, but it was a costly victory. The only mobile unit I had remaining was a single GEV. I also had three howitzers and, of course, the command post. Still, you can see that I suffered a lot of casualties.
Next time I bring this game, I want to play the Ogre.


 Ashley said...

Well played.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Always a good day when you stop the implacable AI tanks.