Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More Frostgraving

I'm woefully behind on blogging about our weekly games of Frostgrave, so here's a photo dump in order to catch up. First, three weeks ago, we played a straightforward battle, since we're doing scenarios from Thaw of the Lich Lord on alternating Thursdays, and this was an off week.

Then, two weeks ago we played another Lich Lord scenario, the Storm. Lots of Wall and Fog spells, as we tried to stay in the square and get as much treasure as possible. I got too greedy, and my wizard ended up getting taken out, as did several soldiers (although my spellcaster made her postgame survival roll).
Finally, last week (another week off from the LL campaign), we played the first scenario from the Golem mini-campaign--with six players on a single map. I tried not to be as greedy this time, and came out OK.
This week: More Lich Lord!


Matthew Sullivan said...

Great pictures, Desert Scribe! I'm just beginning to get into Frostgrave, so it's especially useful to see what you've done for terrain. Thanks!

Desert Scribe said...

Glad you liked them, Matthew, but to make sure they get credit, I should note that the terrain mostly belongs to the other players in the group.

Tim Kauffman said...

Luv that Barrel Golem!