Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Surprise gift for myself

Isn't it great when you stumble across some miniatures that you had totally forgotten about? While browsing eBay, I remembered that I had some 6mm scale sci fi vehicles that would go great with OGRE/GEV.

These are a couple of unmanned aerial vehicle from Reaper's CAV line of minis, a pair of Ral Partha Battletech MASH units, and two RP Demolisher tanks, also for Battletech.

Although aircraft aren't a normal part of the OGRE battlefield, I have an idea how to use the UAVs in my next Monopolis scenario. And I'm already using Demolishers as superheavy tanks for my North American Combine force, since I think their rounded turrets go well with the other NAC tank minis (and they look a whole lot better than the Steve Jackson Games superheavies). Not sure what role the MASH units will fill, but I know I will get them on the table after having them boxed up all this time.

Anyone else ever rediscover minis that you'd forgot you had? It's like I'm getting them for a second time.


pancerni said...

Found minis! A treat, they should look good on the board as you seem to know just where they will fit in.

Gonsalvo said...

I occasionally find some figures I had forgotten about; more often I misplace ones that I know I have and have to search high and low before I find them!