Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Frostgraving for fun and profit

My wizard and her warband came out with a good haul from last week's Frostgrave scenario. We played the Ghoul King scenario in our Lich Lord campaign.
We started out sealed underground with the Ghoul King on his throne in the center of the chamber. While my wizard and her apprentice led the soldiers toward some nearby treasure, Stout joined the warband's two shooters, Bowman and Quarrel, to go distract the undead monarch.
This plan turned out incredibly better than I expected, with the archer rolling a natural 20 to kill the Ghoul King where as he sat, leaving the treasures near his throne open for the taking.

Then ghouls started dropping on us from the ceiling, but my soldiers were able to easily dispatch them.
Since my group was at the throne, they were able to pull levers to open doorways out of the dungeon.
And to keep away my opponent, Jon, I made good use combining Wall spells with the interior architecture. I made sure that I had someone (in this case the wizard at bottom left) standing on one of the trap doors from which a ghoul could emerge.
John didn't have anyone on the trapdoor near his figures, so he had to deal with a charging ghoul instead of getting more treasure.
He did bring around his wizard, and Stout moved to try and stop him. It didn't go well for Stout.
Unfortunately, the large construct had already taken damage, so the enemy wizard was easily able to dispatch it with his enchanted weapon..
Still, Stout made his post-game survival roll, and will be back for the next scenario. As will the rest of the warband.

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