Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gallery: Asteroid outpost

Last month, I posted photos of some scratchbuilds I was working on: a spaceship and an outpost built into an asteroid.  Yesterday I primed and painted the asteroid with its emplacements.  The tube sticking out is a docking mechanism, or maybe a launch bay for starfighters.

The structure on top is an observatory, or perhaps a sensor cluster, or maybe even a biodome.  It was originally a hex nut I found laying around.

These boxy structures serve as power generators, storage, or living quarters.  They were originally extra bits that came with Citadel's old plastic beaky Space Marines boxed set.

The asteroid itself is a lava rock I found laying in my driveway.  After primering the assembly black, I drybrushed the rock with gray and brown paint.

I used metallic black, gray, and silver on the emplacements, with some metallic sapphire and pearl white for the dome.  I then picked out a couple of points in apple cider followed by true red to serve as warning lights/navigation beacons.

I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with how it came out, but it should make a fun objective as a civilian scientific observation post, a pirate base, or an alien artifact.

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HoldFast said...

Sweet outpost! The only improvement I could suggest would be some kind of self-defense weapons. Perhaps, stealing some smaller cannons from a plastic battleship model?