Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scenario: Clash of the Task Forces

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This is another scenario I posted to the Galactic Knights mailing list some time ago.  It was inspired by a snippet of background from the GK rulebook:

"The Valiant GDNs often fly in pairs with Ranger CAs or other missile ships together in a task force.  It is not uncommon for one of these task forces to unload combined salvos of forty missiles at once."
-- Galactic Knights rulebook, p. 43 sidebar

BACKGROUND: A Terran hunter-killer team searching for targets of opportunity finds more than it bargains for when it encounters an Avarian carrier task force. 

FORCES: The Terran player gets two Valiant-class galactic dreadnoughts, accompanied by two Ranger-class cruisers.  The Avarian player takes a pair of Nest-class carriers and up to four Buzzard-class star bombers and/or Sparrow-class armored pursuit ships.

SETUP: The task forces should set up at opposite corners of the playing field, so that the Avarians are out of the 24-hex range of the Terran heavy particle beam batteries.  Ships should be 5 hexes ahead of their drift markers.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Each side must destroy at least one capital ship (i.e. carrier or galactic dreadnought) belonging to the opposing task force to claim a victory.  If either side loses both its capital ships, that side suffers a total defeat.
It may be a little difficult to game without using proxies (not many gamers have that many capital ships), but I like the idea of a missile-heavy force going up against a fighter-heavy opponent. 

I haven't played this one myself, and if I do I'd probably cut the numbers in half, just for a shorter game and because I don't have two Terran DNs.  If anyone games this scenario, let me know how it went.

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