Monday, March 14, 2011

Completed Star Frontiers ships

I finally got around to painting some of the Star Frontiers ships I acquired via online auction--seven Federation frigates and one Fed destroyer with broken-off engines I had to repair.
Although I already have a pair of destroyers, these frigates are the first of their kind to join my fleet.  With over a half-dozen, they'll make nice transports for games which need cargo vessels.
I drybrushed them metallic black, metallic gunmetal gray, then metallic silver to match my other Star Frontiers minis as well as my Stardate: 3000 ships.  Once I was done, I picked out port/starboard running lights in a bright red/green topped with a little duller version of the same hue.
Still on my to-do list: the Federation scouts and freighter.  I'm planning on going with a different color scheme for them.  I also have the Fed battleship, which I still need to clean (thanks to a little lead rot) and assemble.

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jmezz382 said...

Looking good my friend ...