Saturday, March 12, 2011

OGRE returns!

It's been a long time coming.
This just in: Steve Jackson Games has announced it will release a new version of the classic sci-fi tank game OGRE later this year.  Although it doesn't include any miniatures, the sixth edition of this venerable wargame does include constructible cardstock OGREs and large (1.5-inch) hex maps.  Good news for fans who have been frustrated in trying to find copies of this long-out-of-print game. 

For tread-head reaction, see the OGRE/GEV message board on the SJG website.  For more details, and pictures of the counters, check out this sell sheet the company put together.

Hat tip: This thread at TMP.


Sean Robson said...

Sweet. The cardstock tank reminds me of Pirates of the Spanish Main, and I wonder if this might become a collectible tank game, with booster packs of cardstock models.

Desert Scribe said...

There's no indication SJG will produce any expansions, and from what they're saying, it looks like they're only gonna do a single print run.

The map hexes look like the're the same size as the maps from Deluxe OGRE and Deluxe GEV sets, so I will still be able to use my minis with this game board.

CounterFett said...

Any way you look at it this is great news.

I love me some Ogre.

Joseph said...

This does look good indeed. I've been ramping up to do some Ogre Miniatures myself, so I'm in an Ogre kinda mood.

And Desert Scribe, I am certain that if the sales of this are strong enough, more material will follow.

 Ashley said...

Certainly has got the old creative juices flowing in the Paint-it-Pink household