Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here I am ...

It's a Scorpion, not the Scorpions, rockin' you like a hurricane, but still ...
 The Entomolian Scorpion-class Galactic Battlecruiser is noteworthy for its asymmetrical design--even more asymmetrical than the Hive-class Galactic Attack Carrier.

 This is one of the original designs for Starfleet Wars, with ship statistics in the first rulebook.

 In the Galactic Knights expansion Entomolian Invasion, it's just another battlecruiser.

 You can sort of see the underside of this ship, which I again painted with a reddish glowing effect.

 Not just the unbalanced design, but the pinchers at the front give this ship a very organic look.

Just four more ships to go, and all my Entos will be painted! (Of course, one of those ships is a super galactic dreadnought ...)


ckutalik said...

I saw the headline and instantly though "rocking like a hurricane". You however seem to have anticipated such a response.

Porky said...

The pair of you are way too clued-up for me. I've said it before, but I love this particular effect and the asymmetry concept. The red glow on the bottow is a top finishing touch. Starlight on spaceships is a very romantic image.

Ann said...

I have several of these models in original boxes...dated 1978

can any one tell me what they are worth ????

Desert Scribe said...

Hi Ann,

These models are still in production, so they probably don't have a great deal of collectibility--but I might be willing to take them off your hands :)

You can get an idea of their retail price at the Monday Knight Productions website.