Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keep on the Borderlands for Hordes of the Things

Another classic D&D module, The Keep on the Borderlands is also one of the most well-known, having been packed into every basic set since 1979 or so.  And with everything from unnamed denizens of the titular Keep to various critters living monstrous timeshares known as the Caves of Chaos, this adventure is, as author Gary Gygax points out, a microcosm of the wider world around it (the kids today would refer to it as a sandbox setting). 

So it was fun coming up with Hordes of the Things army lists for this design. (Apologies for the monospace font, but it makes all the columns line up.)

Character(s)                 HotT element      points
Castellan w/Scribe & Assist. Hero General        4
Curate w/Acolytes            Cleric              3
Ballista/Catapult (2 crew)   Artillery           3
Guardsmen (cavalry)          Knights x 2         4
Guardsmen (crossbows)        Shooters x 2        4
Guardsmen (halberds)         Spears x 2          4
First-level Characters       Hordes x 2          2
Stronghold: The Keep (on the Borderlands)

THE WILDERNESS (allies available to either side thru gold/magic)
Character(s)                 HotT element      points
Mad Hermit & Puma            Sneakers            3
Bandits                      Spears              2
Lizard Men                   Warband             2
Fire Beetles/Giant Rats      Beasts              2
Stirges                      Flyers              2
Spiders                      Lurkers             1

Character(s)                 HotT element      points
Evil Priest w/Medusa         Magician General    4
Minotaur & Ogre              Behemoths           4
Bugbears                     Sneakers            3
Kobolds                      Lurkers             1
Orcs                         Warband x 2         4
Hobgoblins                   Blades              2
Goblins                      Spears              2
Gnolls                       Shooters            2
Skeletons                    Hordes              1
Zombies                      Hordes              1
Stronghold: Caves (of Chaos)


bighara said...

Awesome! I've actually been considering an eventual terrain project where I would make the Keep at 1:120 scale (1" = 10') and run a siege.

I've also pondered B10's Sukiskyn for a similar project.

Looking forward to hearing more about how it goes.

Sean Robson said...

Very cool! Like many, Keep on the Borderlands was my entry into D&D and I've got a lot of nostalgic fondness for it.

@Bighara: awesome idea. I would love to see a scale model of the keep!

ckutalik said...

I love the first-level adventurers being listed as "horde" elements.

We should play this out sometime.

Desert Scribe said...

Any time, but you'll have to provide the figures :)

bighara said...

@Sean Robson

At one point, I was trying to make on at 1:72 for RPGs with WorldWorks cardstock scenery. Needless to say the project was a tad overwhelming. NTM hard on the inkjet carts!

At 1:72 (28mm mini scale), the Keep measures ≈4.5' x 6' at 1:120, it's just over 2' wide and 3' long. I'll probably do a mix of Hirst blocks, Worldworks, and scratchbuilt (foam, balsa, and foamcore).

AFTER I get my 48 orcs done! ;-)

ChicagoWiz said...

You might want to check out Delta's keep model - I think it's pretty close to the module, if I remember correctly.

BTW, if any of you are in possession of 15 or 25mm orcs that can be used as mounted figures, I'm looking for trades or to buy!