Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Starships: transports

The various starfleets of the Five Powers amass a lot of firepower--but those spaceships need something to fight over.  That's where these transports come in: as targets or objectives for the military forces in a starship combat scenario.
These minis come from several different manufacturers.  The majority of these models are Star Frontiers ships:
  • Federation battleships (2)
  • Federation destroyers (3)
  • Federation frigates (7)
In addition, there's a trio of Stardate: 3000 models (the ones with the circular sections to their front):
  • Auriga-class fleet support ship (kitbashed with two Draco-class destroyers)
  • Orion-class heavy cruiser
  • Perseus-class light cruiser
Finally, toward the front we have some minis from the old Citadel spaceship range (the smaller ships):
If you're curious about the paint scheme, it's my usual three-color drybrush method--metallic black, metallic gunmetal gray, and metallic silver in this instance--with running lights picked out in bright red and green highlighted with lighter shades of those colors.


chibiaion said...

That's really cool! Been a fan of sci-fi movies ever since as well as "mecha" or machines genre anime. Those really resembles the toon thing. Like the color and aion accounts

PatrickWR said...

These look great! Perfect for a group of space pirates to ambush from behind an asteroid field or something. You've inspired me to take "fleet pics" of my fleets to help organize them as well!