Saturday, February 18, 2012

OGRE units for Hordes of the Things

Over at The Stronghold Rebuilt, Kaptain Kobold has a post about basing Epic 40K models for Hordes of the Things.  The philosophy is that "firing happens at fairly close ranges and the game scale is such that base to base contact can represent troops shooting at each other over such a range."  It occurred to me that you could also use HotT for other 1/300 sci-fi minis, so I came up with this list for using OGRE/GEV units as Hordes of the Things elements.

OGRE unit  HotT element  # figs
MIL        Hordes        8-10
INF        Blades         3
HW-INF     Spears         3
LTK        Knights        2
HVY        Knights        1
SHVY       Behemoth       1
GEV        Riders         2
LGEV       Riders        3-4
GEV-PC     Warband        2
MSL        Shooters       1
MHWZ       Artillery      1
LAD        Artillery      2
OGRE       Hero           1

Stronghold: Command post with laser towers and/or howitzers.  One option not supported by the OGRE background would be an electronic countermeasures vehicle that would function as a Magician element in HotT.

I might have to give this a try sometime, just to see how the OGRE minis would look on HotT bases.


Kaptain Kobold said...

An interesting idea.

The Epic 40K stuff is based mostly on the box art which shows the armies fighting at stupidly close range (although even in the game a lot of troops and weapons fight at close range).

Ogres as Heroes is an interesting idea - my reservation is that they move a bit quick compared to other troops when they have that classification.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Kapt. K. You're right; OGREs as heroes do outrun pretty much everything else, but I like their vulnerability to artillery.