Friday, February 24, 2012

Old campaign background detail

I found some old notes from the last time I played Dungeons & Dragons prior to my return to RPGs in the Hill Cantons.  During college some friends and I got together to play D&D, and I decided to help create some of the campaign background.  I think we only played one session before moving on to other things.  Although I rolled up a ranger for the campaign, I came up with some background for monks in the context of the AD&D game world.  Without further ado, my handwritten notes typed up verbatim (including misspellings):

3 orders of monks in the land:
   Red (LG), Yellow (LE), & Blue (LN)
Red:  Devoted to law & order as best way to enlightenment
Yellow: Iron rule is best way to power, but must have honor
Blue: Ultimat harmony of multiverse is balance between good & bad

Red: works w/ LG church & paladins & good creatures
Yellow: hires/ trains w/ assassins guild & LE dieties & humanoids
Blue: associates w/ druids & theives guild & animals

Each order has 3 monastaries, headed by the three 8th lvl monks
 each monastery has 2-5 monks of each level 1 thru 6

upon reaching 9th lvl, monks leave the monastery & go wandering

Monastery locations:
   BlueL in human city, in dwarven city, in forest (druid grove)
   Yellow: under human city, in badlands, on a ship
   Red: in human city, in paladins' castle, on mountain peak

I had considered writing up how other institutions (assassins & thieves guilds, mercenaries, monsters etc.) implied by the Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide interacted, but the monasteries were as far as I got in our short-lived campaign.

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