Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One more vintage figure review found

I stumbled across an eBay auction for a June 1980 issue of Military Modeler magazine, a now-defunct periodical.  What articles did it contain?

Of relevance to this blog, among the World War II vehicles listed, one of the headlines on the cover mentions "alien and starship trooper 90mm figures."  The seller's listing describes the article as "90mm Figure Review: Superior Models Alien & Starship Trooper."  I'm assuming these are the Superior Models 100mm figures I've blogged about before.

I asked the seller for a fuller description, and he was kind enough to describe the article to me. He said the piece, headlined inside as "Shoot-Out in Space," is a five-page review (with two pages in color!) of an alien and a futuristic starship trooper.  He said the article was by Jeff Jonas, who assembled and painted the figures.

I didn't feel comfortable asking the seller for scans or photos of the article, so that's all the info I have on the it.  If anyone has this issue of the magazine, I'd love to hear more details.



Sorry to be off topic but do you know what the "Wargamers Forum #1" is?


Was too curious to know more abut the article, so I bought the magazine on ebay. I will scan the article an post it on my Starfleet Wars blog when I get it: